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Italian Dressing with Rosemary Cucumber Sandwich 


1 large cucumber with skin removed, thinly sliced

10 slices of white bread

1  8 oz. package of  cream cheese softened

1 07 oz. package of dry Italian salad dressing

1 tsp. dry rosemary

1/4 cup of unsalted butter, softened


In a bowl place the cream cheese, dry salad dressing and rosemary, mix well.

Remove the crust from the bread. Divide the bread into two piles. Spread a light coating of butter on one side of the bread in the first pile and spread the cream cheese mixture on one side of the bread in the second pile.

Place cucumber slices on top of the cream cheese. Do not pile them, just do one layer. Place the the slice of bread with the butter on top. Slice diagonally and serve.