Don't let your guests leave empty-handed. A small favor from your Afternoon Tea Party will give them something to remember your event for a long time to come.


     You can create your own favors or purchase ones if you are not artsy or are too busy. Below are some of the FAVORS I have made for my guests and they are so simple, even YOU can do it!



     You will need dirt, plastic cups, daffodils and unwanted newspaper for this project.

 1. Purchase colorful, heavy-duty, plastic cups. You will need 1 for each guest and 1 for you too. Choose a color that will match your table setting or theme.

 2. Purchase a Daffodil plant. Make sure the buds have not opened yet because you want the blooms for your guests.

 3. On a table place newspaper. carefully take the bulbs out of the pot and place one at a time in a cup. Fill cup with dirt, push down on the dirt to pack it in, continue to fill until the plant is secure. Lightly water.

 4. Add a plastic egg to the cup to make it more interesting.

 5. Place one cup by each plate. You have just beautified your table with favors. When your guests leave, make sure they take their favor with them. This is a favor they will have forever because they can plant it and think of you for years to come!